Aaron will be performing tonight in the UBU SHIT SHOW at The Tank!  

bastardized from Alfred Jarrys Ubu Roi by Randy Blair

Celebrate mischief night with a one-night-only performance of UBU SHIT SHOW, the trump hatef*ck weve all been waiting for.

Trigger warning: actual living hell or real current events? this show contains references to and depictions of murder, rape, shitting, f*cking, fried chicken, genocide, the paranormal, Israel, death metal, virulent vocal racism, twitter, puppetry, fellatio, nuclear war, limited perspectives on gender, golf, foot racing, venture capitalism, telethons, conservative bashing, liberal bashing, bashing, islamophobia, enemas, parades, science, museums, broadway musicals, hardcore pornography, menstruation, global warming, windbreakers, kimchi, treason, dolphins, Vladimir Putin, and testicles.

F*ck Trump. Long-live Ubu.

Starring Randy Blair and Kate Weber as Pa and Ma Ubu respectively, not respectfully. Also Joshua William Gelb is directing this sorry excuse for an evening of political theater.

Check out http://thetanknyc.org/theater/854-ubu-shit-show/ for more info.

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